Saturday, November 21, 2009

Caleb Update and Life on the Range

I'm a bad blogger.

I'm getting so caught up in all that needs to be done this time of year, that writing blog posts has been put on the back burner.

Last weekend my parents took the boys so that Paul and I could have a little alone time and time to get some projects done around the house. On Saturday we drove into WI to pick up the 1/2 beef, 1/2 pig, and chickens we ordered from a small farm that does 100% grass-fed beef and pastured hogs and chickens. That took up the majority of the day, but it was fun to talk with Paul and not be interrupted by little ones. Sometimes it feels like all we ever talk about when we're alone is the boys, but it certainly didn't feel that way last weekend. Plus, we now have two (yes, two) standing freezers full of meat for the coming year. If you've never purchased meat this way, we highly recommend it. Especially if you can get it grass-fed. It's a hit on the bank account, but then we don't have to buy much other meat so your monthly grocery budget decreases greatly.

I'd also like to say that my cooking skills have improved as I have tons of different cuts of meat that I wouldn't normally buy at the grocery store. This is our second year doing it, and last year, I had to learn how to cook certain cuts that I had never done before.

We also got the top bunk put together for Ethan. Both boys were sleeping together on the bottom, which is a double, but that stopped working this past fall and we had to have Ethan sleep in the spare room. Ethan is thrilled to be sleeping on the top and it has become his favorite place to read as well. And I'm thrilled to have them back in the same room and have our spare room back. I'm all for keeping them together as long as possible.

I did a bunch of cleaning in preparation for Caleb while the boys were gone too. Got out the changing table to some of the clothes. I ordered wipes. Next month I'll buy some disposables. I do cloth diapers at home mainly, but in the beginning, it's nice to have disposables on hand too. I buy wipes and disposables on, because it's much cheaper. Especially if you do the 'subscribe and save' option. Not to mention the free shipping and delivery to your door.

Once the boys' came home it was craziness again as usual, with school and AWANA and getting Ethan ready to spend a week with his dad for Thanksgiving. They left very early this morning to fly to Alabama where the majority of Ethan's paternal family lives. (His dad and new stepmom live in OH.) I miss him like crazy already. We've had some issues with him lately, but things have been improving greatly and I really felt the changes we had made are drawing us closer to him. It's hard not to have him with us and he wasn't too keen on going, knowing what he'd be missing out on at home. He's still adjusting to being with his dad once or twice a year and reconciling that wiht the rest of his life here. Definitely hits home to me that God hates divorce. I can see now how much better our lives are, but there's still many ramifications, the majority of them being for Ethan who is the innocent one in it all.

It will be weird parenting Elijah as a single child this week. But it will give us an opportunity to focus on him, especially before Caleb arrives. Plus Paul is on vacation the entire week - WOOHOO!

Yesterday was Caleb's 30 week MCA scan. He did well again. I read into everything the doctor says, of course, while Paul's able to remain completely objective. I got the feeling that Caleb's numbers were "okay" as opposed to "great" like in past scans. We don't have to go back for two weeks and by then, we'll be nearing the home stretch. We still have a birth plan to write and decisions to make about delivery. Our closest hospital does not have a NICU, so we're debating about delivering in the cities, so if something does happen after birth, he won't be separated from us. Please pray for wisdom in making these decisions.

Have a great weekend and a blessed Thanksgiving!


Persuaded said...

You're not a bad blogger... you're a good mama!:) Attending to the things at hand is precisely what you're supposed to be doing♥

I am so envious of your two freezers full of meat. I only have the tiny freezer atop my fridge, and it makes food storage so difficult! In lieu of Christmas gifts this year, I am actually thinking of asking for contributions for a fund to buy myself one of the smaller chest freezers... probably wouldn't go over very well with my gift givers though, as it is a terribly boring gift. For everyone except me that is!;)

Have a wonderful, beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I know you will come to your own conclusion in regards to a hospital but I guess I just wanted to give you a little tip. We were going to a hospital in Woodbury when I was admitted and told that I had started the labor process early..they were very ill prepared and ambulanced me to United downtown St.Paul, which is attached to the Childrens Hospital (best NICU in the midwest). I truly believe the only reason why Lily lived as long as she did was because we were at the best place possible for her. I could wheel down from my room not even 5 minutes to go see her. I also think it just gave me peace knowing she was in good hands. Although it's a little further for you guys away and prayerfully, the NICU won't even be an issue for Caleb, I do think choosing a hospital in the cities is smart. I can also speak for my sister in-law who had twins in northern WI, and one had to be ambulanced two hours away right after birth because of a possible heart issue. She did not hold him until 2pm the next day after he was given a clean bill of health and sent back to her hospital by ambulance.
We are thinking and praying for you guys and can't wait to hear when Caleb finally makes his grand entrance :)

Love Lisa Becker

Sara said...

I can't believe you are getting so close. We are praising God for continued good reports for sweet Caleb. Praise God. I will be in prayer for all the decisions you need to make regarding Caleb's arrival. I know your love for homebirth... so I know this will be very different... but it will still be incredibly beautiful, I am sure. Praying for you friend.

Ebe said...

Grow Caleb grow! We can't wait to see your little face...and your mommy can't wait to hear your sweet cries!
Rachel, we pray every night for precious Caleb. Hoping you are having a peaceful day.