Monday, April 6, 2009

100th Post - Part Deux

34. Broke my right arm twice; first time when my brother bucked me off his back (no one believed it was broken until it was already healing) and second time in gymnastics.
35. Got baptized at age 19 in the St. Croix River during the jr. high triathlon.
36. As a junior in college I changed jobs again and began caring for three mentally handicapped deaf women in a foster home. I loved learning sign language (S.E.E. - Signing Exact English)
37. I've forgotten most of the sign language I learned.
38. In ’97, met the man I would marry a year later.
39. After meeting him I began journaling which I have continued to do since then.
40. In ’98 I graduated from college, got married, and moved to Ohio (all in a 5 month period).
41. Began my teaching career by subbing for a year and then teaching for three years full-time.
42. Got pregnant with Ethan in 2001 (we had been trying to get pregnant for over a year) and was separated from my husband 3 months later. He decided he "wasn't happy" anymore and wanted a divorce!
43. Entered a really rough time in my life, being pregnant and separated, but God sustained me.
44. Finished teaching out the school year and then moved home to MN in May ’02.45. Moved in with my parents again so I could stay home with my baby.
46. Ethan Garrett was born July 8, 2002 after 21 hours of back labor. My dreams of being a mother had come true!
47. Met Paul, my future husband (unknowingly, of course) in January 2003 at a Bible study/support group.
48. He was wearing a red turtleneck and khaki pants and talked of work in vague terms so I assumed he worked at Target.
49. My divorce is finalized in May ’03 after 15 months of being in the process.
50. I begin working part-time (evenings and weekends) for Huntington Learning Center in Sept. of ‘03
51. I develop a secret crush on Paul.
52. One of our mutual friends says he should get married and have a van load of kids. I mentally volunteer!
53. I begin doing child care during the day for my boss’ daughter so I can continue to be home with Ethan during the day.
54. Paul and I began dating in Sept. 04.
55. I jokingly refer to our first 2 dates as “undates” b/c he never truly asked me out. He assures me he did.
56. On our first date (after two undates!) he tells me he wants to wait until marriage before kissing anyone and asks me if I can agree to that. I did and am so glad!
57. July ’05 Paul asks me to marry him and I agree. We plan a “planned” elopement.
58. Sept. 18, 2005 we share our first kiss (as husband and wife) after waiting almost a year.
59. We begin the “two year plan” before we have kids.
60. Three months later I’m pregnant!
61. Our honeymoon period involves immediate parenthood for Paul and a very pukey wife.
62. Ethan (3.5 at the time) asks me, “How do you go to the bathroom that way?” when he sees me puking for the first time.
63. We decide to plan a homebirth/waterbirth after much research.
64. End of July ’06 I quit working at Huntington and begin to enjoy my SAHM career.
65. Elijah James is born August 30, 2006, after 4 hours and 20 minutes of labor. I become a homebirth/waterbirth convert!
66. Sept. ’06, I finally complete my accreditation as a La Leche League leader after 2+ years of working on it.

Part C coming soon!


Billi Jo said...

This time line has been great for me...seeing the exact dates and locations finally makes sense, and gives me a better understanding of when and where our lives have crossed. Very interesting.

The Three 22nds said...

This is so fun to read! Looking forward to part 3!

Sara said...

I love getting to know you better. Fun! I was praying for you today... hoping it wasn't too hard.

Sara said...

Rachel, now I feel like a dummy saying I hope it wasn't too hard. I know how hard it is. I just want you to know you and sweet Felicity are on my mind. I am praying for His peace to be around you like a warm blanket. Sorry friend for my words, I wanted to delete it... I am not the most computer savvy person. I can't wait to read part 3:)

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at the red shirt and khaki pants part thinking Paul worked at Target! You are so funny!


Anonymous said...

not that there is anything wrong with working at Target......I would love to and to take advantage of an employee discount!


Pink Slippers said...

I just found your blog...My heart breaks and I am SO SORRY for your sweet daughter. God is our strength!

Persuaded said...

you wrote:
"He was wearing a red turtleneck and khaki pants and talked of work in vague terms so I assumed he worked at Target." and i lol'd

then i read:
"Ethan (3.5 at the time) asks me, “How do you go to the bathroom that way?” when he sees me puking for the first time."
and i ROARED... oh my gracious, i'll be snickering to myself all day long. the kids'll think i'm going crazy and it'll be all *your* fault;)

Molly Koop said...

These are GREAT Rachel! Loved the part about the "two-year plan" and the puking in the toilet. Clara used to go up to the toilet and make gagging sounds when I was pregnant with Aidan. I feared she'd never potty train! Blessings to you this day and always. Molly