Monday, November 29, 2010

Absentee Blogger

Where has the month gone? I've been meaning to blog, even started a post or two, but in the haze of school, life, Thanksgiving, and now Christmas prep, I haven't been able to finish a post.

Even now I can't really spend the time to write much. The days fly by with all the chores that need to be accomplished. We're (read Paul) in the process of converting files from my near dead-laptop to another computer which has made it more interesting.

Caleb (now 10 months old) sure keeps me on my toes these days and sitting down to blog when he's awake is pretty much an exercise in futility. He's climbing along furniture a little now and is busy putting everything he can find in his mouth. Just the other day I pulled a box elder bug out of his mouth! Ew! It was the whole thing too. I'm not sure if it was alive when it went it, but it was dead when I pulled it out. We'll all be surprised if he's not walking before his birthday.

I don't feel like I have much time to process any complete thoughts these days either. Don't get me wrong though, I'm very content! I like the slower pace the winter weather brings to our home. It seems like not as much needs to be done, and we're able to enjoy just being together more. But with kids, life always seems to be hurried.

Felicity is still in my thoughts and heart, especially this holiday time. I remember so vividly the holidays of 2008, just weeks after her death, because that's about the time I think I was coming out of the fog and really starting to process her death. I envision her often in our lives, wondering how it would feel to have a little girl around in the midst of the all the testosterone. While the ache is duller, it's still hard not to think of what could've been.

So hopefully I'll have a real post soon. Blessings to you!


Ashly said...

Hey girl! I have been catching up on your blog! I'm glad to see you guys are doing well. I think of you often. You were one of the 1st blogs I read after I lost Brooks. I'll always remember you reaching out to me!

Sara said...

I still think of you so often Rachel... I bet it is chilly up there... thinking of Felicity with you... Can you believe 2 years has passed... How can that be??:) Blessings on your Christmas season!

Ebe said...

Blog when you can... we'll be here to read!

(we do need some pictures though!)


Bethany said...

Hi, Rachel,
I just wanted to drop by to say that I've been thinking of you lately and of dear Felicity. I pray that you will have the opportunity in this busy holiday season to remember her and honor her life. I just got your Christmas letter in the mail - what a treat! It was such a fun letter. I can just picture how the days go in your household :) Also, the picture of the boys is just adorable!!! Caleb is growing so big, I can't believe it! I can't believe he's already almost one year old!
Glad to hear you all are doing well.
In Christ,