Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kleenex Snob

I have this thing about kleenexes, well more specifically a thing about kleenex boxes.

I don't have an unique decorating sense, but I do like things to be color-coordinated in rooms in my home. And I've become a little OCD about my kleenex boxes matching the color scheme for the room they're in.

I'm weird, I know.

For example, our living room is in tans, reds, and white so hence the kleenex boxes have to be tan or red, but I will waiver a little and use pink on occasion. We don't have large living room, but I sneeze often so there are three in that room alone. My kitchen is green so the kleenex box in there is green also. Do you get the picture?

Does this say something about my personality? If so, don't tell me what it is. I prefer to live in my matching kleenex box oblivion.



Yesterday was Caleb's 32 week MCA scan. He continues to look good, but they do want to start seeing us again on a weekly basis. I wasn't surprised at this, though Paul was. I figured this would happen eventually in the third trimester and I'm only surprised they didn't start doing it sooner.

Here's a glimpse of Caleb from yesterday. It's just a picture of a picture, I'm too lazy this a.m. to go downstairs and scan it. He's sure getting chubby!



Persuaded said...

lol at the kleenex-box-ocd:D

It's weird the things one can become ocd-ish about. I used to have this compulsion that the brand of everything my child was wearing be the same... Thus if the kid was wearing a Gap shirt; pants, sweater and even undergarments had to also be Gap. Or Gymboree. Or Walmart or whatever. I would allow a bit of variation on occasion- for example if the child was wearing a hand-knit sweater, or tee shirt from a museum or something like that, they could wear non-matching other stuff, but all of the other stuff had to match each other. Brand-wise. OK girl, now we're talkin' weird!

I can't believe I admitted this out here on the wild and wooly internet for everyone to see...yikes.

Can't wait to see an "outside" shot of that little guy♥

Sara said...

Ok, the Kleenex thing makes me laugh. I don't have a thing for Kleenex at all. I think I only have it out in 2 rooms in the house:)
I am so happy Caleb looked good. I can't believe you are at 32 weeks. Praise God Rachel. I can't wait to see that little pumpkin outside the womb. Go God! Praying for peace and strength for each new day.

Kara said...

I'm totally a kleenex-room decor matcher. Please let's not call that OCD or I'm in trouble for a lot of other things! Generally my rooms work out okay with my mega-pack of greenish, bluish and brownish boxes from Costco but I've been known to spend too much on a super-adorable box that would be SO CUTE in a particular room. :)

Heidi said...

LOL I'm the opposite....I have no kleenex in my house. Ever. I'll now know to buy some if you are ever coming for a visit!

Any talk about twice weekly Non Stress Tests? I started those around 32 weeks I think....

Ebe said...

Grow, Caleb, grow!!! Praying so hard, Rachel.


Billi Jo said...

What I want to know is what do you do with the "extra" boxes? I buy the packs, and occasionally I am forced to put a "wrong" box in a "wrong" wrong room. FYI when this happens I make sure to tell the girls to go there first so that it will run out sooner.

The Three 22nds said...

I don't do kleenex either. It is rolls of toilet paper for us. I love kleenex, but it is just one more thing to buy, waste and keep track of...

I ALWAYS use kleenex at my moms house though, because I secretly really love it.