Friday, July 9, 2010

Vacation ~ Part 1

Hurray! We're home from vacation! What is it about coming home? I'm always excited to go, but as I get older, coming home is better!

Last Saturday, we left for Jump River, WI to spend the weekend at Paul's sister's cabin. Unfortunately due to the weather, we weren't able to enjoy many outdoor activities. The big boys did get to throw candy in the local parade though. Ethan did a great job. Elijah did okay. He was too busy stuffing candy into his own pocket to throw much candy to the bystanders.
Paul, Caleb, and I enjoyed the parade from the comfort of the van. Caleb was more than happy to take the wheel into his own hands.

If you need anything lubed up, he's definitely your man!

"Mother, where's my candy?"

We left Jump River on Monday morning and proceeded to head towards Duluth, MN to spend the next few days. On our way there, we stopped in Spooner, WI to appease the boys' need for speed.

Caleb and I sat on the sidelines and I tried to take some photos of the two of us. Here's the best two.

During the long car ride to Duluth (2.5 hours) we alternated between listening to "Johnny Tremain" on tape and Elijah moaning and groaning. "Are we THERE yet?" "I'm HUNGRY!"
Good times.
Near Duluth, we stopped at Amnicon Falls. It was a series of beautiful waterfalls, and you could even wade down or swim in the water.
We always get comments about the boys' hats. They were purchased HERE by my parents. Paul even has the adult version and it's been great for when he's out working on our land.

While the boys went for a short hike, Caleb and I enjoyed the view. I again attempted to get some more pictures of the two of us. Caleb had already had one wardrobe change by that point.

This one cracks me up! He's certainly developing some interesting facial expressions.

Not far from there we stopped at Pattison Falls - the largest waterfall in Wisconsin. We didn't take a good photo of the falls but we did get this one of the boys and I. It was the only one of me with all of them all vacation. (I'm usually the one behind the camera.)
It was HOT and HUMID so we didn't stay long (read: everyone was crabby). On to Duluth!
Stay tuned. More to come....eventually.
This one took me hours to do as blogger and I currently have a very volatile relationship. Here's to hoping some time apart improves our communication and respect for one another.


Sara said...

Adorable pictures of you and Caleb Rachel... those falls look so refreshing... we could use some of that here in OK:)

Carolina said...

What a beautiful waterfall! And I love the pictures of all the boys, but specially the one of Caleb driving. ha! :)