Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blogging Goals?

In starting this blog, I must ask myself, what is my goal with this blog? Do I merely wish to show off pictures of my boys? Do I want to be witty and make all who read laugh until they cry? Do I want to share my inmost thoughts and feelings? I'm still working on this question. You see, I've been faithfully journaling since the summer of 1997 and love the feel of pouring myself out on the pages of a spiral bound diary. Those spiral bound books are locked away in our fire proof gun cabinet, as they are one of my most treasured possessions. I am able to read in them and see all the growing I've done in the past 11 years. (And for those of you who know me well, I've been through some unbelievable ups and downs in that time!) So, I don't want blogging to replace my journaling, and I don't know that I could open myself up the way I have in my journals, but I do want this to have some meaning due to the time spent doing it. I enjoy reading those blogs that have some consistency and thought to them as well as the ones that make me laugh, so we'll see where this one goes!

What are your blogging goals? Why do you blog?


The Three 22nds said...

blogging helps me see the humor in my life. Instead of crying when things don't go right (which is often) we now refer to those times as "bloggable moments". I tend to keep my blog on the lighter side. I have plenty I could say, but I want to be sensitive to my audience which does include ALOT of lurking relatives, some of whom are believers and some who are not. My blog changes with my moods though, and I suspect that will continue as my life changes and as I grow and change.

There is an intrigue to blogging and reading blogs that fascinates me- who are these people? Would I like them if I met them?

I started my blog for others; my sister in Brazil and other far off relatives, but I continue it for me. It makes me feel connected to a bigger world...

I have been waiting for you to start blogging! I would love to see your boys sometime!

joolee said...

I started blogging as a way for my parents to see what the kids and I were doing for school. That got WAY too boring for me, so I scratched it and started the one i have now. I haven't really thought it thru or set goals for it or anything, but I find the more blogs i read, the more I keep coming back to the funny ones. I like funny. Yesterday I chuckled to myself all day about something I read. Actually, it was bit more than a chuckle.....let's just say I wasn't wearing my waterproof mascara and I ended up looking like a raccoon:)

I really DO blog as a way to document lil life moments.....you know me......if I don't have a picture or it written down or a friend who reminds me of it, I prolly won't remember. But I find myself wanting to blog about the funnier moments. And the ones that reveal how hopelessly flawed I am. There is something quite cathartic about sharing my shortcomings.