Wednesday, August 27, 2008

KIds say the funniest things

At supper the other night, my almost two year old noticed his big brother had a knife and a cloth napkin. "I need a nakin, I need knife, " he said to me so I explained that when he got to be bigger and ate like a man, he could have a knife and a napkin. A few minutes later, he saw Daddy putting salt on his food and said, "I'm a man, I need dalt (salt)"

Prior to buying our cows, my husband was advised to buy 3 or 4 as they like to be together. We have found this to be very true, in fact they stay so close together, they often don't even bother to move out of each other's way before going to the bathroom, which often results in them being coated in cow poo, even on top of their heads. While our cows are females and will either be bred or sold for breeding, we intend to raise cows for our own beef eventually. Knowing this, our then five year old, when he first saw the cows covered with poo said in a very serious voice, "I'm not eating anything with poop on it!"

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Gramma said...

Those boys are HILARIOUS! I am laughing out loud!