Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Because my thoughts have no cohesive pattern this morning, I thought I'd just write a list of all that's happened and what I'm thinking about. I love lists.

They complete me.

Actually they don't, but they do make me feel a bit more organized. (Emphasis on "feel" because making lists doesn't actually make me more organized unfortunately.)

But a girl can hope.

Here goes:

1) Mother's Day was nice, even though my own mother was traveling to Michigan to be with my grandma who had been admitted to the hospital that morning. I still haven't heard much about what's going on. So anyway, it was a nice day, surrounded by my boys, husband, dad, and brother. I thought a lot about many of you who are struggling through Mother's Day with empty arms!

2) Nursing is going better, thank God. (And I have!) The issue (see my comments from my last post) is not totally resolved, but it's improving. Thanks for your prayers!

3) Both big boys are fighting colds and coughs and I'm praying Caleb doesn't get sick.

4) I'm finally sending (or getting ready to send) a wedding gift that's almost a year late.

5) I had an Usborne books party on Saturday which was fun and I'm super excited to get the books I ordered! Birthdays and Christmas are definitely taken care of this year!

6) I feel old - I've been dealing with back and hip pain (common after having a baby) that's most painful at night and it just plain makes me feel old.

7) Still considering painting inside my house. That's as far as I've gotten. It's gonna happen, I just don't know when.

8) We have 20 days left of school! Woohoo! Ethan got his standardized testing scores back and he did awesome - scoring in the 99th percentile!

9) The weather here in MN is bizarre, but normal, I guess for Minnesota. A week ago it was 80 degrees. Then Saturday we woke up to snow on the ground. Sunday was beautiful and now it's wet and rainy again. I am glad we haven't planted the garden yet, considering this past week we've had multiple nights of hard frost.

10) I'm not totally sold on this new blog template, so it may change again.

Have a good week!

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Ashly said...

I mainly wanted to comment about your post from the 5th. I too have been feeling really overwhelmed with my emotions, memories and thoughts. I've been wanting to talk about Brooks all the time and thinking about events constantly.

I decided to just start posting memories on my blog whenever I want and I did the first one today. I think its a good plan for me and my journey right now.

Thanks for blogging!