Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Doll

I bought a little baby doll at Target today. It's just a $3 one that's barely bigger than my hand, but she's got brown eyes and a cute pink sleeper on.

While other people may buy gifts for their child's grave, I just can't fathom putting anything like that on Felicity's grave when it will be destroyed by the elements. It would just be another reminder of death, seeing it become dirty and worn, without ever having been played with. So this baby doll will hopefully make a little girl somewhere very happy when she finds it in her Operation Christmas Child box.

I will admit though, that it will be hard to pack her away. As much as I chastise the boys for all their toys lying around all over, I'd give just about anything for a bunch of dolls and little girl toys to be part of the mess.

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Sara said...

Oh Rachel, I hear your heart... I am all of a sudden missing Samuel so much more intensely... and all that could have been. I will be praying for you Rachel as we both approach 2 years with out our babies. May our gracious God comfort and sustain you each day:) Thinking of you!