Monday, August 2, 2010

A Man Named John

I went to my first funeral today since Felicity's. It was a beautiful service for a man who lived his life to the glory of his creator. He was a close friend of my parents who died unexpectedly. He leaves behind his wife of 28 years.

One amazing thing about this man is that he wore a flashdrive around his neck every day. He did so because when his body was raptured, he hoped someone would find the flashdrive and read the files on it. The files explained about about salvation and the rapture and the tribulation. Pretty amazing. While he has gone on to glory before the rapture, it is very obvious that his life has been an unbelievable testimony.

I hope I can be used of God the way John was.


Persuaded said...

Wow.. I just love that flashdrive-around-the neck thing.. what a neat person!

Thinking about you and your sweet little guys this morning. I had to stop by and look at your baby pics... gotta get my fix, yanno? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I couldn't believe my eyes
when I signed on to your blog just now and find you're talking about John. He would be so amazed that you wrote about him.
Thank you so much for attending
John's service and for giving me
a gift this morning by mentioning
him! You are special!
Thank you, Lynne

NLM said...

Hi Rachel-
You don't know me but I've followed your blog for a bit now. I found it shortly after your daughter Felicity died. I think and pray for your family when you come to mind. Thanks also for sharing your vulnerability. The Lord blesses me through your words. I loved this post about a "brother" who was faithful to the end. May we all live to the glory of Christ's name until He calls us home. Blessings, Nicole