Thursday, June 25, 2009


One of the advantages in of living in the country is the wildlife. Of course, this can also be a disadvantage, depending on the wildlife. Lately we've been seeing lots of amazing birds.

This little golden winged warbler hit our front window. He lay on the concrete for awhile and I wasn't sure he was going to make it. Ethan and I both went out and held him for a few minutes. He was tiny. Thankfully, he was just stunned and flew away a little while after that.
This photo is hard to see so you may have to click on it to view this bird better. It's an indigo bunting. He visited our feeder multiple times a day for about a week and then disappeared. He was so blue!

Of course we have a hummingbird feeder too. We see a few hummers but lately we've seen more finches on our hummer feeder. It's bizarre.
And they actually are drinking out of the feeder too.

We often see and hear sandhill cranes. They are beautiful creatures. And a couple weeks ago we actually saw some baby cranes. And I had my camera with.

I like to try to take the boys to feed ducks during the late spring months. It's such a cheap, fun outing.
The boys enjoy eating the cheap bread almost as much as they love feeding the ducks. After eating homemade whole wheat bread, it's like dessert.

I hope you enjoy these photos. I am fairly certain my next few posts won't be so light-hearted. We're dealing with a lot around here, but I'm not quite ready to share yet. In the meantime, I'd appreciate your prayers for peace and wisdom.


Tonya said...

Love the birds! And the picture of the boys!!! Praying for you...


Jennifer Ross said...

I love cute little birds! Your kids are so cute! :) I am still praying too.

Sara said...

Sweet precious boys. You are inspiring me to get my bird feeder out:) Praying for you Rachel... may the Lord sustain you all and fill you with peace and comfort.

Persuaded said...

Well, you know me... I love anything having to do with birds♥ I especially loved seeing how different your species are there from the ones we see here. And in all my born days, I've never seen baby cranes! LOVED that pic especially...

praying for you dear♥