Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have an addiction. Okay, I have a few addictions, but this one has been consuming me lately.

It's not necessarily a bad addiction, but it's there nonetheless. This is my addiction:
Yep, these nasty old sandals are my addiction. (Sorry for the vertical photo - blogger won't let me fix it.) They are OLD and being that they were so cheap to begin with, they have not aged well. I bought them while pregnant with Elijah and have happily worn them for the past three years and through two pregnancies. I LOVE THEM!

I'm not a shoe person. I have probably 10 -12 pairs but that's for all seasons. So for the summer season, I have about 3 pairs that I wear regularly, if you don't count exercise shoes and my nasty garden shoes. Anyway, this pair is worn the most. They're black (albeit faded) so they go with everything. They have a stretchy band which provides for utmost comfort (whether pregnant or not) and they make that oh so annoying "FWAP, FWAP" sound when I walk. But I just can't throw them out. We're going to a museum tomorrow and will be doing a lot of walking and I already know these beauties will be making my feet happy the whole day.

I'd happily buy another pair or three and I've searched just about every store and online extensively, but cannot find them anywhere. They were purchased at Wal-Mart and every time I'm there, I drag the kids back to the shoe section in the hopes that they will have them again. But I'm always disappointed.

As you can see they no longer have any tread left. I thought a few strips of those things you can put in your bathtub to avoid slipping would help, but even those are starting to wear off.

I'm sad.

I think after the summer is over, I will have to send these sandals off to the shoe cemetery (aka the dump). I will miss my addiction.

Please leave a comment if you've seen these sandals for sale anywhere. You could buy them for me, charge me triple the cost and then we'd both be happy.


Sharleen said...

I'm laughing my head off at your post. I used to have a similar pair, until my dog, then puppy, chewed them up. I know of this annoying sound you speak of too.
I'll have to ask my mom if she has seen these shoes. She is the shoe manager at a Walmart in Canada. ;)

Sara said...

That made me smile and laugh... it felt good. I love getting to know you more from your blog... all the new, fun details you share. You crack me up.

I have a pair just like that, but unfortunately someone gave them to me... so I can't help you out:)

Have a great day Rachel. Missing Felicity with you today.