Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have a bunch of fun ideas for posts, but no time lately. Been busy trying to finish school - WE'RE DONE! (though hoping to work on music and art this summer), had to make an emergency trip down to the cities because Paul got rear-ended yesterday on his way home. He seems to be okay, but is quite sore and feeling pretty out of it. Unfortunately, our car is totaled so there are many decisions to make involving that. It was not his fault, so please pray that the other driver's insurance pays and quickly. I'm also trying to figure out some health issues and make decisions regarding who I should see, which really means deciding how much money we are willing to spend on it. Please pray for us this week AGAIN!

Thank you for your prayers for Felicity's 8 Month Heaven Day. I made it through. We have been in desperate need of rain here for weeks and finally it rained that day. It actually helped my mood having a cold rainy day.

Oh, funny thing. The day after I blogged about my favorite sandals, I found another pair at a thrift store! They are brand new, fit perfectly and actually are a nicer brand and I got them free with a coupon! So I'm happily wearing my new pair and making a little less noise. I haven't gotten rid of the other pair, I haven't had the heart yet.



Ebe said...

Oh no! I hope your hubs is feeling better today. I'm so glad he was not hurt badly.

Always praying,

Sara said...

I am so glad your hubby is OK... praise God for that. I will be praying for him and for you as you face making decisions on the health of both of you. Yeah, what a fun thing that you found another pair of your sandals... too funny. I also know the relief of finishing school for the year... YEAH!!! Enjoy the summer off:) Praying for you and missing Felicity with you!