Monday, August 17, 2009

THE Test Results!

I'm sitting here on the couch in a state of shock. I just got THE CALL! They were actually supposed to call Paul at work and tell him the results, but they called our home number instead.

The chromosomal study is NOT back yet, but the antigen test is.

Caleb has the little c antigen.

Even though I had thought out this possibility a million times already, it still didn't prepare me for the way I feel hearing that it's actually happening.

I called Paul immediately after I got the phone call and left a voicemail for him. So, he doesn't even know yet. (I won't be posting this until later, but I had to write it out now. It's that or become a crying mess though that seems a likely scenario regardless.)

So now I'm scheduled for weekly ultrasounds starting on Aug. 28th. I'll be 18 weeks then, which is when anemia can start affecting the baby. They scheduled me every Friday afternoon for about a month out and then she said after that they may want to see me more often.

I'll repeat what I've already said about these ultrasounds for those who may not be familiar with what's going on. They will be checking blood flow in an artery in Caleb's brain as well as in the umbilical cord to see how quickly the blood is flowing. A baby who develops anemia (which is the concern with having this antigen) will have to work much harder to pump blood to the brain.

We were told that if Caleb has the antigen he has a 65% chance of developing anemia. And the little c antigen can cause a more severe case of Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus or Newborn (HDFN) than other antigens.

If he develops anemia they will want to take blood from his umbilical cord (which involves sedating him) to test his hemoglobin (iron). If that's low then we're looking at blood transfusions (which requires hospitalization from my understanding). Both procedures have risks involved. There's also the chance we will have to induce early if he gets too sick. I'm very scared!

The boys and I picked out an outfit for Caleb the other day. I was excited to be able to do it because with my last two babies we didn't know until birth what we were having, so all purchases done ahead of time were in greens and yellows. This time we were able to pick out something distinctly for a boy. Hopefully we won't need to buy much for him due to all the hand-me-downs from the boys, but it will depend on how big (or little) he is since he'll be our first winter baby. While excited to pick an outfit out, I was also scared to buy something this early. But I been thinking a lot about what my friend Heidi told me about trusting God and "preparing for rain" and not just praying for it. (If you haven't seen "Facing the Giants" you need to!)

Scared yet hopeful, we will continue to pray and prepare for blessings! Please pray with us!


Karla said...

praying for you!

alexandersmommy said...

Thinking of you. I'm really hoping all goes well with Caleb.

Bethany said...

I'm praying for you and sweet Caleb's health, Rachel!

Sara said...

Oh Rachel,
Bummer, I was so praying that you would have had perfect results... but lets remember God is knitting that little one together with the utmost care. He has His hand all over your precious little Caleb.

I am praying for peace and comfort for your heart, mind, and spirit... they all need peace. I am praying for the Lord's healing touch on your little pumpkin. Praying that he developes well and that the complications are minimal. You are on my heart!
Sending love and prayers from OK

joolee said...

I'll be praying......let me know if you need ANYTHING! Love ya.

Megan said...

God be with you. I am praying...stay FAITH mode. with God ALL things are possible. i am praying

Heidi said...

Hey sweetie...not the news we were all hoping and praying for, but it is news to note regardless. How is Paul doing? Good for you buying an outfit!

Have you ever met Jen, the former leader of your group? Her 5th child was monitored at the U via U/S for anemia due to 5ths Disease. They ended up inducing at 34 weeks (I think) when he did start to show signs. She might be a person to talk to if you want to be connected. Let me know.

We'll just keep on praying!

Sharleen said...

I'm so sorry that you got the news we were praying against. Caleb is tight in His grip and He is still in control. Praying, praying, praying over here for all of you and especially precious Caleb! (((HUGE HUGS)))

Molly Koop said...

I had asked for prayers for you and Caleb this morning at our Core Team meeting at church. I just emailed the group and sent them the link to your blog so they can be updated. These women (and a couple men too) KNOW how to pray and they WILL pray for you! They have been a tremendous support to me in my losses as well. You are covered, dear friend. The Lord has His hand in this situation.

Missy said...

Oh Rachel, I am so very sorry. I am praying everyday for you. I just can't imagine. Just remember to lean on God! I am sure I can sit here and try to pretend what I may be thinking or feeling if I were in your situation, but I know better out of experience not to do that. So my advice is solely to rely on God. Remember He is there and can take everything you have. I will be praying hard, God bless! Love,

Jennifer Ross said...

I'm so sorry that there is a possibility for severe problems. I am praying for you and your sweet Caleb. Do not loose the hope that you are hanging onto. Refuse to allow anything but the blessing of God on this child!


Ebe said...

Oh, Rachel. I am so so sorry. This is not what I had expected or wanted to read. Chris and I are still praying every night for this sweet child.
Caleb is in good hands. I know that there is fear and worry. You would be crazy not to worry (at least, that's my opinion). But God is bigger than your worry and fear and He loves your Caleb and you so much.

We love you too...
we are walking this road with you.