Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Busy and Blessed

We've been busy the past week. The boys just returned yesterday from a long weekend at my parents. We're glad to have them back. Life is so different when they're not here. We did enjoy sleeping in though while they were gone. It's funny how sleeping in until 7:30 is such a luxury after you have kids.

While they were gone, we (okay, mostly Paul) stained the deck. This top picture was taken after Paul spent 3+ hours power washing it and it actually looks pretty good.

Here it is finished minus the rails and prior to lots of rain we received over the weekend. It looks way better than it did to begin with, though we both agree it's a job we don't want to do again for a LONG time.
We're blessed to be picking lots of veggies from the garden! If you've never eaten a carrot straight from the garden (after washing the dirt off of course), you have no idea what a carrot tastes like. They are unbelievable!

Finally one of my flowers bloomed. I opted this year to plant seed instead of spending money and buying flowers to plant. Thus it's taken a long time to see the first blossom. I specifically picked out a pink variety in honor of Felicity. And lastly, I'm blessed that the bread I left raising for OVER TWO HOURS while Ethan and I started school today, seems to have still turned out. Ethan volunteered to be the official tester in a few minutes.

ON A SIDE NOTE - tomorrow is the 10 month anniversary of Felicity's death. I can't believe so much time has passed. I've been wavering between handling it fine and wanting to fall to pieces. Busyness has kept me from doing the latter, so far. AND FINALLY, Friday is my amniocentesis at 1:30 CST. I am doing okay with it though I'm not thrilled about the whole needle in my stomach part. I know God is working in our lives, regardless of the results of the amnio, but would sure appreciate your prayers especially in regard to protecting the baby from infection or miscarriage afterwards.

LATER TODAY (after having a very emotional evening) I STARTED TO FEEL THE BABY MOVING! PRAISE GOD!



Anonymous said...

Praying for you to rest on Him you made your sweet Felicity.


Sharleen said...

I've been thinking about you and the amnio and thought that must be coming up soon. I got your back in prayer, Rachel!
Praise the Lord regarding the baby movements! Perfect timing with the 10 month anniversary tomorrow. (((HUGS)))

Jennifer Ross said...

Isn't it so exciting to feel the baby move! I will continue to pray for you and this precious baby.


Sara said...

I am so excited to hear that you felt that precious one moving tonight. I will be praying for you Friday... And Rachel, I will especially be praying for you tomorrow... Wow, 10 months, doesn't it just seem impossible. Oh my heart hurts for you.
I am missing your sweet baby girl with you tonight.

By the way, your bread looks delicious:)

God's peace to you!

JenniK said...

Reading you felt the baby move, gaveme goose bumps and tears, Praising with you, always praying for you!

Tonya said...

Sweet Rachel,
I read this yesterday but didn't have time to comment. First of all, your bread looks super yummo! Your deck looks great, and the view of your property from the photos is beautiful. I now wish we had bought land when we moved. Your veggies couldn't be more fresh and I can only imagine how they taste!

I'm so excited that you felt this little one move...such a blessing. I will be praying for you as you go for your amnio tomorrow. I hope it all goes well and you receive excellent news about the antibody! Maybe I missed it in a previous post, but did the two of you come to an agreement on finding out the sex of this baby?

My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you today as you remember sweet Felicity. I hope you're finding peace in your day. Remembering her with you...

(((BIG hugs))) and lots of love,

melissa said...

I'll be thinking of you this afternoon, and saying a prayer for the safety of you and your precious baby. I'm so excited for you that you felt the baby move!!

And by the way, I totally agree with you about the carrots. :)