Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boring Blogger

I know I've been a boring blogger lately -sorry! Life is busy and I just haven't had any inspiring blog post ideas nor the time and energy to write one if I did. But I wanted to write something before tomorrow so that my posts don't all become Caleb's MCA scan updates.

We had a fairly successful garage sale on Saturday. Ethan had fun camping with his dad, though he was bummed not to be here for the sale. He opened his own "business" this past spring called "Ethan's Eats" with the intention to sell water and various snacks whenever we hosted paintball events on our property. (If you didn't know, my husband loves paintball!) Ethan used some of his birthday money to purchase bottles of water and snack foods. Unfortunately all of the paintball events have been cancelled due to not enough people signing up, so Ethan's business has been surviving solely on purchases made by family members. He was hoping to sell stuff to people at the sale. Since we didn't get rid of as much as we wanted, we're going to have the sale again this Saturday, so hopefully he'll sell some stuff this weekend.

Elijah had a blast at the garage sale. He spent pretty much all day cutting, glueing, and drawing on construction paper and handing them out to customers, who weren't quite sure what to do with them. Sometimes he'd hold the paper out and just say, "Here" in a deep voice and then walk away. (He frequently likes to talk in a deeper voice than normal.) Other times he'd launch into a detailed exchange in his deep voice, which unless you know him, can be difficult to understand. I found myself often interpreting for him, but it was cute nonetheless.

My homemade dishcloths did not sell liked I'd hope they would, so I'm hoping this Saturday will be different. Otherwise, I'll have to come up with some sort of contest to give some of them away.

Tomorrow we have another MCA scan since it's Friday. Keep praying for Caleb to stay healthy! It would be great not to have him have any blood transfusions, but I'd at least like to wait until he's a little bigger. I'll be sure to post a report tomorrow evening on how things went.



Sara said...

So great to hear about all you are doing. I will be praying for the scan tomorrow. He holds little Caleb in His hands as He grows bigger everyday:)
Thinking of you!

Charity said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I have certainly found it to be so helpful to meet other moms who have been through very similar experiences. That is very interesting also to know that you and others have also suffered an early miscarriage after a stillbirth. I too wonder if there might be a connection. Yes, we did name our 2nd baby Grace. I posted a blog with more info about that back in July.
Your baby Felicity is so beautiful. I look forward to continually learning more about you through your blogs and will be praying for you and baby Caleb.
Love in Him, Charity

Heidi said...

You're allowed to be boring on your blog...its YOUR blog!

If you need something to write about, you can always join in on my new homeschool blog carnival :)

Thinking about you today and looking forward to hearing good news about Caleb!