Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary, Paul!

Friday is our 4th wedding anniversary. I'm writing this a little early, because I won't be able to do it that day and because the boys are with Gramma and Papa and it's so much easier to blog when they are not here. And by easier, I mean that I don't feel guilty blogging when they're not here. That and I can think clearly. (I miss them like crazy!)

Four years ago, we said our "I do's" (or were they "I will's"?) atop a scenic overlook in southeastern MN. We called it our "planned elopement," since it's pretty hard to elope when you have a three year old. So it was planned - in seven weeks!

He asked me to marry him at Outback Steakhouse, not a terribly romantic place, but I was just glad he was asking. You see we had recently almost broken up over a silly issue of where we would live if we got married. (He came to see my point of view pretty quickly on that one!)

We picked out rings together after he asked. I shopped for our wedding attire. We began premarital counseling which we didn't finish until after we were married. Then we struggled to find a pastor who would marry us in such a remote location (a long story!), but finally found the perfect one. We had never met him before, but the way he wrote his sermon and our vows, it was like he'd known us for years.

We each had one witness. I asked my aunt Cathy to be mine and Paul's friend Bill was his. My parents had left with Ethan the day before to travel to their yearly vacation spot. We struggled with whether or not to have Ethan and them there, but in order to have a honeymoon, we needed to do it while they were gone.

Neither of us regrets not having a big wedding! It was a perfect day - a Sunday. We went together to church in the morning and then afterwards left to travel down to the location.

The pictures aren't professional and the wedding video still isn't edited, but it was a wonderful day. We shared our first kiss that day.

We've been through a lot in four years! Adapting to life as a blended family, moving, 4 pregnancies, and the deaths of two babies. Only God knows what the future holds, but I pray the next four years will be filled with joy!

I'm so blessed to be married to you, Paul! I know we've had our struggles and will probably encounter more before this life is through. Thank you for being loving and patient with me! You are an amazing husband and father, far better than I ever imagined. I pray God gives us many more years together! I love you!

A badly scanned photograph of the scenic overlook where we were married (at the top of the rock outcropping).

Ethan and "Daddy Paul" though the Paul part was soon dropped. Ethan was thrilled to have a consistent father in his life and it's apparent by their relationship today.

Our first Christmas photo as a new family!


Anonymous said...

Happy early anniversary!


maddie/cadesmimi said...

Happy Early Anniversary! The years will pass quickly. We celebrated our 37th this Jue 18. Best wishes, Kathy in GA

Persuaded said...

♥Happy Anniversary♥

I so love hearing stories like this... I never tire of listening to people talk about their happy marriages. It gives me hope for my own girls and their futures... and just makes me happy too! Blessings to you all, my dear☺

Heidi said...

Happy Anniversary! Which overlook is that? (I kinda know most of them :) )

Rachel said...

It's the Rushford overlook, Heidi.

Sara said...

What a beautiful story... wow, that was a fast engagement. I think that is the best kind:) So sweet that you shared your first kiss that day... I love it. Thanks for sharing all of that with us. Praying you have a great day together. What a gift you are to eachother.
Praying for you as you approach a year with Felicity in Heaven...Praying for you and sweet Caleb:)

Ebe said...

Happy anniversary! I love your engagement story...and your first kiss as a couple and as man and wife.
How wonderful.

I hope you're doing well.

love and prayers,

joolee said...

How did I miss this post? Congratulations! And have you lost weight with this pregnancy?