Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's So Easy....

to get caught up in my own troubles of the day. Things like our mailbox being knocked down by hoodlums in the night (ah, country life!) and our fairly new washing machine getting plugged up by something and not draining.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by so many things. For me, they are usually the little things. Things that may be difficult in the moment, but in the long run are of little consequence. I can get really stressed by these things (and I usually do), but slowly I'm learning to let go of them and live in the moment.

Moments where Elijah, instead of throwing a fit, is snuggly and wants to read a story or says something that is funny. Moments where Caleb stops nursing to gaze into my eyes and then smiles a two-dimpled smile. Moments when Ethan and I can do something together like play a game or watch on youtube video about something we're studying in school. Moments where Paul and I can talk and feel really connected to one another.

Today I ache for a friend who's home got struck by lightning either in the night or early this morning. Thankfully her neighbor saw the fire, alerted them, and they got out alright. I ache for her as she has faced similar life struggles as I have, and yet, she continues to smile, laugh, and be a blessing to others. Today I will wring out the cloth diapers by hand and be thankful that I have a home. I will hug my boys and let them know I love them. I will pray for my friend and hope that I can help her in some way.

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