Monday, April 5, 2010

My Three Sons

Ethan (7.5): Inventive, creative, imaginative, lover of books and building things. Generous, helper, loves holding and snuggling Caleb, good at memorizing, stubborn, good student, has the skinniest legs, affectionately called "Blonde Boy," loves macaroni and cheese, and enjoys playing with friends and spending time with family.

Elijah (3.5): feisty, distracted, whiny, quite the snuggler, entertaining, bouncy, wild, quiet until he feels comfortable with you and then will talk your ear off, covers his nose whenever he's sitting on the toilet, lover of toast with peanut butter and honey, and very blunt.
(This face is not a naughty face but a face that we have coined Elijah's "Klingon Face" despite him having no idea what a klingon is!)

Caleb (10.5 weeks): easygoing, mellow, falls asleep anywhere, loves to nurse and sleep with Mommy and Daddy, smiley and happy as long as his tummy is full and his diaper is clean, and loved by all.

These are my three (earthly) sons and I am very blessed!


Sara said...

You are blessed Rachel... Your oldest is looking so much older after losing teeth. They are all just precious. Thinking of you!

Persuaded said...

Ohhh Rachel... so adorable! All three, of course (although I do admit to a special attraction for your little "Klingon" there in the middle;))

Tonya said...

Such handsome little (and big) guys!