Monday, April 19, 2010


Paul and I (and Caleb, of course) returned home yesterday from vacation.

Okay, so it was really a homeschool conference. But seeing as how I didn't have to do any cooking or cleaning, and I was able to put on a facial mask one evening and take a bonus shower another, it was like a vacation. With a lot of educational overstimulation thrown in. And a lot of walking.

M.A.C.H.E. stands for Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators and every year they have a conference full of speakers and educational vendors. This year it was held in Rochester, home of the world famous Mayo Clinic.

This was our second year attending and my third year of teaching Ethan at home. (For those who didn't know, I have a B.A. in Elementary Education, but I don't believe that's necessary to teach one's children well at home.) This is a journey we have embarked on for a variety of reasons and overall, it has been a good journey. After attending the conference this year, I am encouraged and excited to continue this journey of home education.

There are so many methods and curriculum that one can choose from. Last year we were pretty overwhelmed with the whole conference. This year we were a bit more prepared. Carrying Caleb in the sling the whole time was tiring, but so much nicer than last year when my arms were empty and there were so many babies and pregnant women all around. This year I was able to smile at the babies and admire the bellies, without any pain. There's still sadness, but not physical pain.

It was fun seeing lots of friends I don't often see. We saw and chatted with MckMama and her husband. She said I was only the third stalker, I mean, blogger to come up to her. I also talked to the first boy I ever kissed (for the record, I now advocate waiting until marriage to kiss!) and Candy McVikkar, the founder of MissingGrace, an amazing local organization. Then I was spotted by a blog reader, which has never happened before and was kind of bizarre. I think her name was Deidra but my post-pregnancy brain could be failing me yet again. (Nice to meet you!)

Anyhoo, it was a fun weekend. I'm blessed that Paul enjoys going to these conferences as well and is my biggest encourager when it comes to homeschooling. Not to mention, he doesn't mind spending money on things that are "educational." Now to find the time to organize all our purchases.....

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Sara said...

Yay Rachel... I am just trying to figure out if I can hit one of the Oklahoma conf. in the next few weeks. I usually go order all my stuff for next year... I love getting that out of the way, and then I can just enjoy the summer.

The thought of you carrying around Caleb and not having the physical pain of that longing made me smile. I can't wait till I get there... I think I still have a ways to go... it is hard being the new me... do you still feel that way? I know a new baby doesn't take away that missing of Felicity at all. I feel bad, I had a little gift here in my bedroom that I wanted to send for Caleb... obviously, it is still in my bedroom. I used to be so good at getting things out in the mail... another "new me" thing... Maybe I will still get it out.

Thinking of you Rachel... I have to tell you Caleb is just absolutely precious... what a face:)