Friday, March 13, 2009

Things I Heard This Week

Elijah (2.5): "We don't eat swords, we eat lunch."

Ethan (6.5): "Wouldn't it be neat if our house was made of marshmallows" (said while eating - though not marshmallows)

Elijah: "When I get big I can be a dada (daddy) and do botions (devotions) and gyve (drive)."

Elijah: "When I'm dix and a have (six and a half), I be E-sin (Ethan)."

Elijah: "I'm a widdle baby, I need nursey milk."

Elijah: "When my deeth (teeth) ball (fall) out, I can have more nursey milk."

Elijah: "When I get big I can be a pweece man (policeman) and be mad and put people in gail (jail)"

Then yesterday while I was brushing my teeth I heard Ethan screaming in pain. I rushed down the hall to find him at the bottom of the stairs. From what I understand, Elijah had gotten upset that Ethan was going upstairs, so he tackled him as Ethan was going up and bit him in the back. Poor Ethan has quite a large bite mark (it even drew a little blood) on his back, in spite of wearing a turtleneck and a t-shirt.

It was one of "those days."

So much for being concerned about coyote attacks in your yard when you're not even safe in your own house?


Jennifer Ross said...

Sounds like my home, you're not alone! :)

The Three 22nds said...

I love to hear posts like this :) they remind me of my daily reality.

Megan said...

so sweet are blessed! immensely!


Persuaded said...

oh my, i was so charmed by the little sayings, then i laughed (most sympathetically, i assure you!)at the second story!

have a blessed weekend, my dear♥

Sara said...

I loved your last post Rachel. Your home and where you live sounds so wonderful. I just love country living with all of the animals even when there are some scary critters. I related so much to all you shared about winter and missing Felicity. I am a little worried for Spring also. One day at a time friend. Praying for you!