Friday, July 10, 2009

The Blonde Boy is 7!

Happy Birthday, Ethan!
To the boy who made me a Mommy - I can't believe you're seven years old! Where did the time go? I'm so proud of all you're learning and doing. Keep trusting in Jesus to help you and guide you. You are one special boy and we love you!
(Ethan's birthday was actually Wednesday, but when I went to upload a bunch of cute baby pictures that I had scanned, I couldn't find them anywhere on my computer. So yesterday I tried to upload this picture and Blogger wouldn't let me. Better late than never!)


Tonya said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ethan! Hope you had a GREAT day!


Persuaded said...

Happy Birthday, big fella!

Millen saw Ethan's picture on the computer and said, "Who's this? He *cute!*" And if anyone knows *cute* it's Millen!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ethan. What a precious little man. Praying for you Rachel. So thankful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross. I have felt so loved, encouraged and supported by you. Thank you for that. Have a wonderful weekend. How I wish I was in my home state of WI... is is 100 degrees here in OK... too hot for my northern blood:)

God's Peace<><