Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two, but Almost Three

Elijah is at such a fun and challenging age. He will be three at the end of August and lately I've been remembering that three was more difficult with Ethan than two was. (Of course Ethan also had a lot going on that year with Paul and I marrying, having to move, and adjusting to Paul as "Daddy")

Anyway, while tantrums are more frequent these days, Elijah is also the one to make us laugh often with his two-year-old-isms.

The other day it was cloudy when we woke up and Elijah went to the window and said, "God turnded the sun off, Mom."

Whenever he and Ethan do any sort of imaginative play, Elijah always lowers his voice and speaks deeply.

I was talking with my mom on the phone the other day while Elijah was eating breakfast and he got upset because he wanted to talk to her too. I told him he had to wait until he was done eating and then he could call "Gamma" back. Well, when he called her, Papa answered and Elijah fell on the floor in a sobbing heap because it wasn't Gramma. (He ADORES Papa, but it was just one of those things that set him off). I couldn't help but laughing when I figured out why he was upset.

I would love to just bottle up his two year old cuteness - as witnessed in this video below. Sorry for my repeating all his answers but it's habit (and may help clarify what he's saying).

AND BY THE WAY - my doctor's appointment yesterday went well. I was a wreck until Dr. B found baby's heartbeat. What a blessing to hear such a beautiful sound! Amniocentesis is in 3 weeks - THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!



Molly Koop said...

Loved the video, Rachel! Darling. I have a son who challenges me during the day, but at the end of the day, I'm laughing most at his antics. ;) It's often funnier in hindsight. :)
And I wish I could spend all my money on gummi bears, too! Yum!

Sara said...

Precious Rachel. What a little cutie. It was so neat to hear your voice too. Now I have a voice with the picture of you in my mind:) I love it. I am praising God with you that you heard that precious heartbeat:) Beautiful. I will be praying for he amnio. God's peace to you friend.

joolee said...

WHAT A DOLL! My girls came running and crowded around to watch this when they heard his adorable voice. EEEEEK! I wish I could pinch those cheeks:)

alexandersmommy said...

The video is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing.

Glad you heard a heartbeat and that your appointment went well.

mary grace said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog. As someone who has also felt the pain of miscarriage, I understand where you are right now. Praying for your newest blessing!

Ebe said...

Praise God for such a joy! He's a cutie pie!!

So so glad to hear that your sweet baby's heartbeat was music to your ears.


Tonya said...

That video is too cute! I've never met Elijah, but I love him! Thanks for posting the video. And I am thrilled that you heard your little one's heartbeat.