Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's My Party!

Well, I guess the party's over since the cake is gone, but yep, it's my birthday! If you're near my age or older you understand the feeling that birthdays aren't that great anymore. It's pretty much another day. Hopefully one that won't include finding any white hairs on my head - ha!

I tried to get Elijah to agree to a whine-free day for my birthday, but we're still in negotiations. He did sleep until 7 am which was a nice way to start the day considering that I also slept until 7.

And then there was this beautiful pink sunrise right outside my window.

It's hard to believe that this is already my second birthday without my girl. Last year's birthday was spent in an emotional fog. After taking a picture of the sunrise, I found a note/clue on my cell phone from Paul, leading me on a short treasure hunt for some hidden chocolate.

The real reason I'm posting today is to tell you about a GIVEAWAY. I'd like to meet all of you who are reading this. I have a feeling there is many lurkers on this blog who have not commented. Since I added a sitemeter, I'm amazed at where some of you live. I even had a reader from Prince Edward Island - home to one of my favorite authors and favorite fictional heroines. (Lucy Maud Montgomery who also had a stillborn child, a son, and Anne Shirley)
So here's how this works. In order to be entered into this random giveaway, you need to comment. Tell me who you are, where you're from, and why you read this blog. This is obviously open to those of you I have already met as well, just leave a comment. If I have fewer than twenty comments, there will be three winners. If there's twenty or more, I will pick 5 winners. (Winners will be chosen based on the order of their comment by a random drawing from a hat - my boys will love helping with this part!)

And what do you win?

Four of these homemade dishrags - colors to be chosen by you!

Oh, and here's the kind of weather we've had lately in MN. If it's not raining, it's snowing. We've had three days of snow so far this month which is pretty unusual, even for MN. Yesterday was the nicest day we've had almost all month, with sun shining and temps in the low 50s.

Looking forward to meeting you all! Oh, and this contest runs until Friday, since I don't think I'll be blogging again before that.



Persuaded said...

Well... just holler out homemade anything, and I'm in!

As for who I am: Diane, single homeschooling mama:)
and where I'm from: the rural wilds of upsate NY
and why I come here: cuz I just like Rachel so much ((hugs))

Amy said...

Those dishrags are the best things ever. Well, not as good as a beautiful pink sky on your birthday, but you know what I mean.

I'm Amy (but you know that)
I live in Maine (you know that, too)
And I come here because you look great in snakeskin pants. Okay, just kidding. I come here because I find your story, faith, and pretty much everything about you to be completely inspirational. You've helped me more than you'll ever realize. You're a true blessing in my life.

Rachael said...

Hi! I am a lurker, I started to read your blog after Felicity passed, I was directed here from either Mckmama's blog or Angie's, I cant remember. I stayed reading it because I love your heart felt posts, and I am a MN girl too. My name is also Rachael and we are currently living in Eau Claire, WI.

Heidi said..., I'm Heidi... I think you know the rest :) Happy Birthday!

Molly Koop said...

Hi. You know me, too. I'm Molly and I'm somewhat homeless. :) We almost live in Ham Lake, MN. Pretty soon. I read your blog to remember that I'm not alone in this grieving mama journey. You have blessed me with your honesty and your friendship.
Pick me! Pick me!

The Three 22nds said...

Hey I am Julie over here at the three22nds.

But you already knew that :)

Sara said...

Happy Birthday... you know me, a northern girl living in the heat of the south:) Did you make the dish rags... They are so cute.
Rachel, I continue to pray for you and precious Caleb...

gma pam said...

Hi Rachel, it is Pam Olsen, lurker from Julie's favorite blog list. I like to keep updated for praying for you...(I love to knit too, so it is fun to see what you are working on.)

Anonymous said...

It's Deanna here. Card-carrying member of the Homeschool-Mommy Club, Jack of all trades (or is it Jill?) and master of none. I have just been peeking at the blog in the hopes you would run some sort of dish rag raffle. Lucky me! And just think - you won't have to pay a penny for shipping!

I've been checking in on you for a while (or is it called lurking? sounds spooky). It has blessed me to know how you are doing day to day; it never occured to me how it could bless you if I left a comment on occasion. I'll do better - even when dish rags are not involved.

Your mending heart has been a bittersweet song over the past year. Sing - your friends are listening.

Peggy said...

I am a lurker. I found you on the day my grandaughter was having her first MCA scan, a few weeks ago. I googled How long is a MCA scan supposed to take, when I was waiting to hear from her and found your blog. My daughter is 21 weeks along with her second child and is fighting the Kell antibody. I live in central Illinois

Tonya said...

Happy Belated Birthday Rachel!

What a beautiful and wonderful gift of that gorgeous sky!!!

Thank you SOOO much for the pictures of Grady's name in the sand! I did need a pick-me-up and those helped SO much! It touches my heart that you thought of him while you were there and took the time to do that. THANKS!!!

You know my name and I'm in GA. I think I found your blog through Ebe's - pretty sure. Reading your thoughts helps me feel not so alone and your strength and faith in trying again give me hope!

Love and (((hugs))) to you!

renee said...

I'm a lurker as well..I read your story awhile ago and I check back every now and then to see how you are doing since you really touched my heart. I blog too but am relatively new to sharing it- Minnesota girl

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel!
My name is Bethany, I'm from Minnesota (too!), and I read this blog because I have felt the Lord lay you on my heart in a special way after Felicity passed away. Such a sweet girl she was, and still is.
And you are a very loving momma to her.
Your Sister in Christ

joolee said...

Oh no! I missed the deadline:( Those dishcloths sure would have come in handy with imaginary reindeer season almost upon us. Remember? Gwen loves to use them to cover the reindeer poo......

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker and I know the dishrag thing is over but I haven't been lurking on this blog in a wee while so didn't notice it.

I live in Northern Ireland, am 22, have no children, but am interested in homebirth and midwifery and saw a post of yours about Felicity's birth on a facebook group which led me to your blog, which I found rather interesting!

I like reading your blogs because I don't know many americans and I also like to check up to see how Caleb is and how you are all coping with the loss of Felicity.