Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Week in Review

On Wednesday, my labs came back from my doctor's appt. Everything looked good, except my progesterone levels were slightly low (this is a concern, because low progesterone can lead to miscarriage). Without knowing how far along I am, it was hard to know if they were truly low. Once I had an ultrasound, it could be determined if I was a good candidate for some progesterone therapy. So on Thursday afternoon, I had an ultrasound, rather than waiting until the 19th.

It's been hard even in just 2 1/2 weeks, to not overreact to every little thing. At the ultrasound, all we found out was that I'm not even six weeks yet. I'll admit it was hard to hear, but it explains why I'm still feeling so good. I was looking forward to seeing a heartbeat and finding out when I might be due. Not even being six weeks, my progesterone levels are within the normal range. Thank you Lord! I will go back in a month for another ultrasound and then they will be able to date the pregnancy. We figure I'm due mid-Oct.

Ethan and I started seeds for our garden this week. We start some stuff indoors and then transplant in May. We started celery, bell peppers, two kinds of watermelon, and two kinds of tomatoes. Despite the cold temperatures, I feel like spring is just around the corner and there's always so much to be done in the spring. We're hoping to have a garage sale, plus plant the garden, and go to a Christian home educators conference. Add into that lawn care, of which we only do the basics, care for any animals (cows and/or chickens) we might get, leading my local breastfeeding support group, church, and weeding the garden (which is an endless job), we get so busy. Homeschooling also seems to get harder in the spring, when the boys are restless to get outside. I'm learning to let go of some of my expectations in these areas.

Yesterday we went to the Homeschooler's Science Fair, out to lunch, and to Chuck E. Cheese. I opted out of CEC (I usually do) to go shopping. Paul has his annual engineering banquet on Friday night and I had nothing to wear. Thankfully it's not black-tie, because I just can't imagine trying to find something fancy to wear on this post-pregnant/newly pregnant body. I was able to find a couple of options thanks to super clearance deals at Kohl's, definitely worth waiting in line for 15 minutes for a dressing room!

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Jennifer Ross said...

I'm glad to here that you are feeling well and that everything looks good so far with your pregnancy. I think about you everyday, and will continue to pray for God's blessings in your life.