Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I never thought this would be an October baby, and yet here I am. Sure will be cheaper for Paul to add a stone to my mother's necklace now as September is a sapphire and October is that pink stone I don't even know the name of - and it's my birthstone!

We went to a park today to walk and play on the playground. They have three large slides there that go down a big hill. Two of the slides are open and have big bumps going down, and yes, I went on them multiple times, as well as walked up and down the steep hill multiple times. Okay, so the last time I was kind of crawling up. I was considering going down the other slide which is a tunnel slide and probably close to 50 feet long. There was a sign though that said it was for children ages 5-12 with adult supervision. So, I restrained myself, though I'm sure that it would've made something happen.

So the wait continues. Pray for me and those who have to be around me!

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