Sunday, October 5, 2008

41 Weeks and a Bit of Rambling

Baby is still inside. It's funny when Elijah in his 2 year old speech says, "Mama, what's your baby doing in there?" I wish I knew:)

My spirits are pretty good - for the moment. I went for a long walk in the cool fall weather. I love fall and the maples around us are starting to get so beautiful. I just wish I had more than one pair of pants and one long sleeve shirt that fits. The shirt is new and I'm afraid to wash it for fear it will shrink and no longer fit. Thank goodness for Target clearance!

Tonight we're going to try to some positioning stuff. I'm having a lot of pain whenever the baby moves around and our midwife thinks baby is not in a very good/low position. Tomorrow we will go see the midwife for a checkup and then Paul has proposed we spend the day together while Gramma watches the boys. Maybe we'll go see "Fireproof." Have any of you seen it? If you haven't, I strongly recommend going. I haven't seen it, but the church in Georgia who made it, has made two other movies, "Flywheel" and "Facing the Giants," which are phenomenal movies! We own them and have watched them many times. Each time I get such a good feeling from them and I can watch them with my kids without ever worrying about anything bad in them. Ethan loves both movies.

On a totally different topic, the cows are going to market tomorrow. We can't keep them over the winter as we don't have any outbuildings and the weather has gotten so cold already. We had a really good frost the other night, so the cows are leaving a little earlier than Paul planned on. Unfortunately, low-weight beef is going for a lot cheaper than we hoped, in fact we will probably lose money. We're thankful though that we will be able to put that money back into savings. We'll see what happens next year, if we'll get more cows. So farewell Bossy, Clarabelle, and Buttercup. Hopefully you'll all meet some nice bull who will give you lots of babies in the future.


Billi said...

I don't know when you'll get the courage to check this, but know I and praying (still), faithfully, for your hurting hearts. Remember God if sovereign, He will provide relief. Eventually. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Even though He gives and takes away still my heart will say blessed be the Name of the Lord.

The Three 22nds said...


we are all crying and praying this morning.

I am so sorry.