Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I can tell . . .

it's going to be a rough day all around!

I was rudely awakened this morning at 5:45 and eventually got out of bed to turn on the computer for election results (we don't get any t.v. stations) rather than to check my blog's live traffic feed (so cool for those of you who don't have one!)

Then I saw the results and started to feel sick to my stomach. Many of you may not agree with me on politics, but the morality change our nation is facing with this new president is scary, as in end times scary!

Then I noticed the weather. Ugh! It's raining and stormy. I definitely notice that my sadness is stronger on days when the sun's not shining. Like the sky, my eyes want to rain at every thought of Felicity and I feel spent having already cried myself to sleep last night.

So I think today calls for drastic measures - okay, so I'm just going to get out of the house and head down to my mom's. Hopefully she's up to company after working 15+ hours yesterday as an election judge.


joolee said...

Wish I was close enough to stop by with some magazines and a chipper sandwich:(

Billi said...
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Billi said...

The comment deleted was just little ol me. Just thought you’d like to know. I was attempting to comment on a differnet post. Silly me.