Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Great Knob War Ends

Wow! Three posts in one day, and none of them having to do with grief. That's a record and a relief. We actually had lots of fun while installing the knobs and pulls, not that the actual installation was any fun, but it created a lot of good banter between Paul and I and he got to use power tools.

Well the great knob war is over and Paul won. Actually I won with the number of votes being 5 to 4 - I wanted the knobs at hand level. The only reason we reach up to open the pantry is because the only other option is to bend down and open it from the bottom.

But as the war ensued, I began to rethink my stance. Elijah would have easier access to the pantry with the knobs lower and it would probably take me some time to recondition myself not to reach up to open that cupboard. Also, Paul wouldn't be able to use the handy jig my dad bought him to install them in the middle. It would require more of his excellent engineering skills to get them even and he'd already been working so hard. So I waved my white flag in surrender (figuratively, of course) I couldn't deny him this, he's just so darn cute!

Thanks for your input - now I know how to get comments on my blog and don't worry, I won't ban anyone, at least not today.


Sara said...

I am praying for you right now, knowing we are both on the same journey. It is a long, winding road that is for sure... only to be handled by the grace of God. I am just really starting to feel His comfort since the reality of it all has really set in. At first it was just shock. I pray that the Lord gives you strength and peace for each new day, and joy too as you raise your little guys and love your husband. Blessings to you tonight.

Heidi said...

So bummed I missed this great entertainment! Nice to hear the smile in your voice as you went through the day!

Anonymous said...

Glad to read humor at the Schwendinger household too! We continue to pray for everyday!! Love you! Amanda