Friday, December 5, 2008

Helping Me Remember My Daughter

Thank you Paul!
(We added Felicity's birthstone to my mother's necklace, which needed to be repaired. I thought the jeweler was going to have to put her stone on the outside of the necklace as there wasn't room for another on the inside. He didn't know Felicity died. When I picked it up, I was thrilled to see she had been added to the inside and at the top!)

"Morning Stroll" painting by June Dudley
Thank you Sharon, Tom, Kathy, and Jim for contributing to the purchase of this painting that hung in my hospital room.

Thank you Amanda and the Schradle Family!

Thank you Bill and Lori!

Thank you Maureen!

Thank you Julie E.!

Thank you Heidi!

Thank you Norm, Marlys, and Nate!
(They didn't even know that we had all our name plaques except Felicity!)

Thank you Mary!

Thank you Deanna!
(Deanna also made a beautiful baby blanket for Felicity that was buried with her.)

Thank you Joolee!

A lovely group of women at my aunt's church in Michigan made me a prayer shawl as well. After it was made, it was prayed over by the entire congregation. It was passed from person to person so that everyone could pray specifically for us. Everytime I use it, which is daily, I'm reminded of those prayers and how they have beckoned Jesus who has sent His angels to watch over us. That thought moves me to tears!


joolee said...

As I was looking thru all the beautiful remembrances of Felicity, I was hoping you wouldn't include my tacky gift. :( Good thing it's the thought that counts.

Rachel said...

Nothing bought or made to help me remember Felicity could ever be tacky in my eyes.