Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is that an echo?

I'm finding my digital photo camera is a whole lot easier to grab than our actual video camera when I want to catch the boys on video. They are so much fun! I wish I could catch more of their personalities on film, but the cutest stuff happens when I'm not expecting it in the least. Just today I caught Elijah singing "How Great Thou Art" in his highchair while eating lunch. But I was busy making Rice Krispy bars and couldn't leave marshmallows melting on the stove without stirring them in order to grab my camera. Anyway, Elijah is learning to sing, but has trouble singing along with anyone. He has his own method. I guess I should try teaching them a round to sing. The shaking in the video is b/c I'm laughing and couldn't hold the camera still!


Sarah Hintermeyer said...

Oh Rachel...this is absolutely precious!!

joolee said...

Absolutely adorable! Good to see [the effects of] you laughing:) And Ethan's got a great voice! This made me grin:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ethan, now I can watch you on the website when I am missing you (and Elijah)! Love, Gramma