Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Want. . .

. . .my babies back.

. . .my body back.

. . .my carefree life back.

. . .to have broken relationships restored.

. . .to change the world.

. . .peace, not just in moments, but in every moment.

. . .to be pregnant.

. . .to believe that I'll birth a live baby, who screams at birth.

. . .to give my boys hope in a sibling.

. . .to feel joy without a tinge of sadness.

. . .to have a joyful faith.

. . .to never question God.

. . .to not be angry.

. . .Jesus to return and take me Home.

I'll take whatever I can get.


Ebe said...

Me too.

I'm so sorry...

Jennifer Ross said...

When we go through such great loss, we will never see the world the same way that we did before. Hurting with you...

Heidi said...

Can't wait to give you a big hug on Saturday!

alexandersmommy said...

Nothing will ever take away the pain of our losses but hopefully, we'll both get some (if not all) of the things we want soon.

Sara said...

I am with you on a lot of those things:) Rachel, I love your openess and honestly. I have to hunt down some old pictures to share:) I loved yours...too cute. Praying for you tonight!

Erika said...

Just want to send you some hugs. I can relate to you on so many of those hopes and wants...we'll get there. Glad I have you as a friend. Praying for you...(((hugs)))

number17cherrytreelane said...

I am so sorry. I am thinking of you right now.