Friday, January 1, 2010

21 Days

Happy New Year! Isn't is unbelievable how quickly the year flew by?!

On Wednesday we scheduled the induction for.....January 22! AUGH! Three more weeks! I tried to get the perinatologist to schedule it earlier, but he really wants Caleb to stay in for 39 weeks. It is in Caleb's best interest, but I'm sooo anxious! At least I will avoid another amnio to check for lung maturity. They will continue to monitor him weekly up until the 22nd. In fact I have to see the peri weekly and my regular doctor weekly, so that's two appointments each week. Talk about exhausting!

I'll be talking to myself a lot in the next three weeks. "You can do this, Rachel." "Only ____ more days." And so forth.

If you're inclined to pray that Caleb arrives earlier than that of his own volition, if it wasn't winter I might encourage you to do so. But because of the weather and the hour drive to the hospital, I think I'd prefer just to wait out the 3 weeks. My labor with Felicity was less than two hours and the thought of being here alone with the boys, while Paul's at work (an hour away) and going into labor is frightening, to say the least. My mom could rush up here, but then I'd either have to drive myself to the hospital or wait for her to get here to be with the boys and have someone else drive me. There are some other alternatives, but it's not a situation that's easy to prepare for especially when you consider the fact that the weather might make driving nearly impossible.

So I can live with three more weeks. I think. I hope!


Heidi said...

D day- YEAH! Just keep breathing. Actually, it was scheduling Kylee's induction that put me into labor I think :)

Hey my mom is only 5 minutes from you- want her # in case? She would watch your boys for you if nothing else so your mom could go with you.

Ebe said...

21 DAYS!!!!! Wow. I am super excited for you and super anxious too. I know you must be bursting with nervous energy. We pray for Caleb every night.


Rebecca said...

The 22nd of January is a great day....the day my first born son came into this world! Enjoy~ we will be praying for you!

April Z said...

Rachel, remember that I'm just up the rode. If you go into labor give me a call and I'll come get you and take care of the boys! I'm praying that all goes well for you.

Miranda said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. I don't have many other blog followers except my close friends and family (Ebe and I live in the same town). I started reading some of your blog and I am so happy that you are having a Caleb, what a perfect name, and also already have an Elijah, also perfect :) Hang in there girl, I know the next 3 weeks will be tough but put your faith in Christ. The journey of a spals pregnancy is not easy! I will continue to keep up with you and am anxious to hear how things go. I will pray that he will come on his own, safe and sound.