Friday, January 29, 2010

One Week Old

Still working on that birth story, which may have to be posted in parts due to my incredible sleepiness (for the best reason in the world!) and lack of time (also for the best reason!).

His blood draw yesterday showed that his bilirubin had risen almost two points, but still is the okay range. He had his blood drawn again this a.m., so we'll see what that one is and go from there. But here are some photos taken today of Caleb. We think he's pretty special!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable! I am so happy for you!!!!


Ae said...

What a sweetheart! I love the last photo! Congrats to you and Paul!

-Amy K.

Sara said...

My Louis just walked up and said, "I am so happy for her... (giggle while seeing the yawning picture) he is so cute!" I agree with him:) Absolutely precious pictures... wow, a whole week old already... you are so blessed... so happy for you friend!

Tonya said...

He is absolutely precious! SOOOOO happy for you!

Persuaded said...

Well, he is just the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world, that's all!

I am so happy for you Rachel dear♥

Anonymous said...

Hey, everybody, the pictures are cute but don't do him justice. He is the cutest baby since Elijah and Ethan! Gramma

Ebe said...

Wow...he is so cute! I'm so so so happy for you guys. I can imagine that being sleep deprived isn't fun, but oh, what a wonderful reason to be up all night!

Praising God with you!


Cortney Heath said...

What a Cutie =) Im so glad to see him doing well and pray for his numbers to go down

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Great pictures. I think he looks like Elijah. Congratulations again and I am so glad you are home!

Love, Amanda

Erika said...

Oh my gosh!!!! He is BEAUTIFUL! Sending you so much love. (((hugs)))


Sharleen said...

Beautiful! He looks like he is sweet!

Anonymous said...

I can't decide if the yawn or the smile is sweeter!

Your bookshelves don't look as dusty as they should be.