Thursday, January 7, 2010

Feeling Weird

The last couple of days have been interesting here on the range. Temperatures are WAY below freezing with wind chills in the negative 30s at times and today it's snowing. I've been feeling weird since Tuesday.

Don't worry, I went to the doctor yesterday and nothing seems to be wrong. I feel hot one minute and chilled the next, a little nauseous, achy, with a mild headache that comes and goes. My doc checked my urine and there's trace amounts of protein. I'm not swollen any more than normal, and my blood pressure is only slightly elevated, but still in the normal range. They took a blood sample to check for pregnancy induced hypertension as well.

Caleb is active as usual, and oddly enough, I'm not really worried about him. I still memorize each movement he makes. I would love to feel normal though. I've kind of felt confined to a sitting position the last couple of days as more movement makes the weird feeling more apparent. I'd think that if it was the flu, I'd be down for the count by now. Friends have wondered if I'm going into labor (37 weeks as of tomorrow), but it's been almost 48 hours since I started feeling this way and it hasn't really gotten better or worse. I've never had this type of feeling before going into labor. I'm having contractions but nothing that seems to be increasing in intensity or frequency.

Tomorrow we have another appointment at Maternal Fetal Medicine so they can check things over there too. And then I go back to see my regular doctor on Monday. Hopefully I'll be fine before then. There's so much to do around here and though I'm not feeling great, I have the desire to be doing what needs to be done (nesting?). My doctor said to take it easy for few days though.

Maybe I won't have to wait 15 more days after all.....



Rachel said...

I'm feeling better! Yay!

Ebe said...

Oh good! I was getting worried...

Rest up and lay on that left side! I've been cramping the last few days (that was what my post was about) and it really really freaked me out...still does freak me out. I think that's the worst thing about being pregnant after a loss (losses) for me. I just don't know what is normal and what is something to be concerned about. I freak about EVERYTHING!
Praise God, my doctor doesn't care that I call all the time.

Praying for you. You are SO close!!!


Jennifer Ross said...

Glad to see from your comment that you are feeling better now! Maybe he will be here sooner than expected!! :)

Persuaded said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, dear. I have been thinking of you very often these last few days♥

Tonya said...

So glad you're feeling better. Praying for you!