Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update on Caleb

Caleb is doing well - he is stable though his bilirubin levels are still high. We saw a fluctuation during the night and he is in the NICU still.

They just started him on some medication (IVIG) to hopefully bring his levels down even more along with the phototherapy (bili lights). Since bilirubin levels peak around day 7, I am thinking his stay will be at least a week. I'd rather prepare mentally and emotionally for the longer stay rather than hope for a short one and be disappointed if it doesn't happen.

I will stay at the hospital probably until tomorrow and then commute back and forth during the day to be with him and bring him breastmilk. The pump and I have not yet come to an agreement on the type of relationship we're going to have, so I'd appreciate your prayers in that area as well. My admiration for moms who pump is increasing every two to three hours.

I got kind of emotional this morning about not having him with me nor being able to hold him because at this point we can't even do that due to his central line (through the umbilical stump)and the fact that he needs the constant phototherapy. I'm doing better this afternoon and hoping to get a quick nap in before the pump and I have it out again.

Thanks for your continued prayers! I hope to tell you more about his birth soon.


Debbie said...

We will continue to lift Caleb up in prayerfor complete restoration and health.
I know 2 well about the battle w/ the pump.LOL!! Guess you better master it quick while you have a free minute!! It was my 3rd too -he would not nurse no matter what we tried -just cried and cried and cried-so I pumped and put it in a bottle and fed him. Challenging but was the best with 2 little ones and a baby.
Praying for you in this area too.Praying you can hold your long awaited Caleb really soon!!
Blessings, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Paul and Rachel -- He's so CUTE. You can sure see the schwendinger in him -- he looks just like Elijah.

Aunt Lori

Molly Koop said...

I love his sunglasses! And I love his round face! You know how I feel about pumping too, so I will especially pray for you in this regard. Your milk will be the best thing for him. I know you know that...and I know that's why you will continue to take on the pump! I suppose you're using a hospital grade pump, so that might help with your production. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rachel!! He is so cute. You are all in our prayers. I'm sure you Caleb is getting awesome care in the NICU. He is in a great place. Hope you and pump bond and Caleb gets to come hope soon!! Love, Amanda & Family

Heidi said...


I will send you successful pumping vibes! Are you or Paul able to sit with him at least?

Are you driving the NICU nurses crazy with the breastfeeding or have they been good about it? My sister (the gonna be an official dr. in a few months one) always told me I would make the worst NICU parent with my list of ideals.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Praying for you all to be at home together soon. Keep working with the pump. Having a picture of him is a real help to look at while pumping. Being relaxed and listening to a crying baby always helps a letdown!! Good luck! Tina Mickelson and family

Karla said...

Congrats Rachel! He is cute.

Tonya said...

He is beautiful!

Hang in there with the pump! I pumped while Emma Grace was in the NICU for four months and for a year after she was home. It takes a lot of patience and is hard work, but you can do it! I had a hard time getting a let-down at first, but I'll be happy to share some of my tricks with you if you need them. (via email, not here! people might think I'm really crazy!) And I will be praying for you as you leave the hospital tomorrow with him still there...

Love and blessings!

Diane said...

Oh Rachel, he is sooo adorable! and plump! I'll be praying for your pumping trials and tribulations- I know them all too well, I'm afraid.

Can I just say it again, he is sooooo adorable♥

Sharleen said...

He's gorgeous, Rachel! Praying for Caleb and the pumping. I know it can be frustrating. Love to you all!

Ebe said...

Caleb is beautiful. I know you must ache for him to be in your arms.
I'm thankful to know that he is doing so well. Praise God! I pray he comes home very soon and your arms will be able to hold him tight as long as you want.


p.s. I am super super jealous and can't wait to be posting about Hannah Mae's joyful arrival as well!!

melissa said...

Oh Rachel! There is so much I could say... my heart is bursting with joy and thanks for little Caleb... but what I just HAVE to say is that he is SO DARN CUTE!!! I'm not saying that lightly, either. Clementine was pretty homely as a newborn, even her mother could see that, but Caleb is one of the most adorable newborns I have ever seen! Wow, it must be so hard not to be holding him all the time. I hope the hours speed by until he is in your arms for good.

Bethany said...

Love the pictures!
What a cutie!