Friday, January 22, 2010

In the NICU

Caleb was admitted to the NICU at about 8:30 pm due to his bilirubin levels being high with the potential to go higher.

He is under the bili lights and receiving medication to help his levels decrease. They also put in a central line to be prepare for an exchange blood transfusion should his levels not decrease. They will check him every 4-6 hours.

Please pray for us and him especially as we wait to hear good news!


Ebe said...

Praying that all is resolved soon and he is back in your arms very very soon!

Persuaded said...

I just read this this very minute! I am praying that everything goes wonderfully well, that the doctors have wisdom, and that you are able to have patience and peace♥
love ya honey

Tonya said...



Cortney Heath said...

Praying in wisconsin! Hope he is out soon and can join you at home quickly =)

Bethany said...

Praying - B