Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Drama

My blood work from Monday's appointment came back showing that my platelet count is low (sign of preeclampsia). So yesterday I had to go to the local hospital and have more blood drawn. My doc told me that if it was low again, she'd need to contact Maternal Fetal Medicine about having Caleb arrive earlier than the 22nd.

Last night she called to say that my platelet count was even lower, but my 24 hour urine came back okay. She had called MFM and they agree that Caleb may need to come earlier. I have an appt. with her at 10 am today and we'll see how things are looking (blood pressure, etc.) After that, she will consult with MFM about what is going to happen.

It's going to be an interesting day!


Ebe said...

Rachel!!! I am waiting on pins and needles!!

I am praying...oh I pray that we hear about your crying baby being born today!

Rachel said...

Thanks Ebe! Everything was in "normal." My platelets are still low but up from yesterday. So back to the doctor tomorrow for another blood pressure check and then to my normal MFM appt. on Friday. At this point, they want to go as planned unless things change drastically in the days before the 22nd.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! You will soon have your beautifu lbaby boy in your arms. I am so jealous :)


P.S. I will find a way to get you a meal... :)

Anonymous said...

You are in our family prayers every night, Rachel!

Looking forward to the safe arrival of Caleb with you and your family!

Jenni W.