Saturday, September 13, 2008

38 Weeks

Okay, so technically I'm not 38 weeks until tomorrow, but since I plan on being in labor by then (yeah, right!) I figured I should write this blog today instead. It's official, my parents have left for vacation for two weeks. Did the kids cry to see them go? No, but I shed a few tears in the height of all my pregnancy hormones, knowing they won't be here for the birth of their third grandchild. (And if I were to go until my actual due date, I won't be happy, not that I'm feeling happy right now either!)

I am miserable and so sick of being pregnant!!! I can't accomplish anything without feeling exhausted and my two year old keeps lauching himself at my belly, being affectionate mind you, but with all the softness of a brick wall. Thankfully it's the weekend and Paul is home to help with all the things I can't seem to do! My idea of a successful day will be one in which I finish scrapbooking about Elijah's 2nd bday, get a solid 2 hour nap, spend enough time on the couch to leave an impression, and make the spare room bed, with the help of my hubby!

Last night was a dream-filled night. I dreamt of having a baby girl, whose name I couldn't remember, so I kept changing it to weird things like Finley, Laramie, and Larabee. Bizarre, I know. I've done a lot of dreaming this pregnancy, possibly more so than with my other kids. Usually though, I can't remember much about what I've dreamt when I wake up. But last night, despite waking countless time to roll over or go potty, I continued with the same dream. And, it was in color, b/c I remember dressing Finley/Laramie/Larabee in pink.

We had our home visit with the midwife and her assistant, a midwifery student and mother of 8, on Thursday. Things still look good. She's estimating the baby to be 7 lbs., which seems awfully small to be one of my kids. She said my placenta is on the left side, which makes me look like I'm having a bigger baby. She is satisfied with the set up we have going in the basement. We're all set to go!

God grant me the patience to accept this wait and give my husband the patience to put up with me!

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The Three 22nds said...

Hang in there...the end is in sight!