Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm It!

I'm totally new to this tagging thing. My lovely friend Joolee at A Spot on the Sopha who gave me great big belly laughs (I have a great big pregnant belly - she gave me the laughs) when I read her seven quirky/interesting facts, has tagged me and said it will take the edge off my still pregnant status. Since I don't/can't imbibe at this point, I figure it can't hurt.

Here are 7 quirky/interesting facts about me:

* I have freakishly long toes. I've always thought them skinny and one of my better looking body parts, but others have told me they are just TOO long. But since they are inherited from my grandmother, I am happy with my freakishly long toes, of which my toenails are never without some nail polish.

* I am very anal about my housekeeping. I like things done a certain way and at certain intervals of time. It really bothers me if I see dust on certain items of furniture or specks of something of on the floor. I feel amazingly refreshed after dusting and vacuuming, at least when I'm not pregnant.

* I like my legs shaved, regardless of season, the outfit I'm going to wear, or my state of pregnancy. Now, I only shave to above the knee, but still I feel itchy and weird if I don't shave. While I won't be taking any pictures of myself to show the ackwardness of shaving my legs while 9 months pregnant in my standing shower stall, I will tell you, it's not pretty. I wouldn't even let my husband see my body that distorted.

* My most embarassing moment involves me, my 10 year old soccer team pictures, a forgotten maroon soccer uniform, and a baby blue "Snuggle Me" t-shirt. Need I say more?

* While we had a dog, a cat, and multiple guinea pigs while growing up, I have no desire to ever own another indoor pet. I know, my poor deprived children!

* I tend to be a germaphobe (not a real word, I know). I fight this in my mind a lot and don't have multiple bottles of hand sanitizer stashed around the house and car, but I KNOW the germs are there, mocking me with their infectious status.

* I have a variety of raised moles on my body. Two of them on my left arm and one on my stomach have received a lot more attention than the others in the past 5 years. When Ethan, my now 6 yr old, was still nursing, he started rubbing one on my arm while he would nurse. The obsession with my mole continued for about 4 more YEARS. He would touch it when nervous or scared, or sometimes just to touch it. I thought he was just a weird kid at the time, but Elijah, my 2 yr. old, does it too! Now, he's not so selective about a particular mole like Ethan was, but he still is quite fascinated with them. I won't be surprised if they both marry women with raised moles.

Now I'm suppose to tag other people. But since pretty much everyone I know who blogs has already been tagged, I'm going to break this tagging "rule." Besides, if this were really a game of tag, there's no way I'd ever be able to tag anyone in my condition!

Speaking of that, our midwife is coming over tomorrow a.m. to "ease" me into labor with all sorts of fun tricks. She's quite successful with this and baby is at a +3 station and I was dilated to an easy 2 on Friday, so there should be a baby here tomorrow! (I'm not opposed to baby coming before that though!) Today is my "official" due date!

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joolee said...

Thanks for playing:) I, too, like to have shaved legs, but really, who has the time? Thinking about you lots these days and anxiously awaiting news........