Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still Preggo

Yep, still pregnant! I'm thinking my whole philosophy of holing up in the house the past two days has been wrong. So, today we're going to go out. We'll pick up a teenage girl from church who's been playing with the boys one morning every week for the past few weeks and go to the park. She can play with them while I "speed waddle" on the walking path. (And you thought "speed walking" looked bizarre! Watch out world, here I come!)

Then after lunch, after we take Abbie home, we'll stop at the market (yes, it's actually a little market, not a grocery store). Going to that particular store will necessitate using a long detour or traveling 10 miles on a bumpy dirt road that's still under construction. As tempting as the thought is of going into labor while trying to get my van out of some ditch b/c I was stupid enough to travel down the closed road, I think I'll just rely on the last mile of the trip home which is also on a dirt road. Unlike usual, I plan to hit every rut and hole at top speed, causing my kids to squeal in delight and hopefully breaking my water at the same time.

What? Do you have any better ideas??!!


joolee said...

Can you post a video clip of your speed waddle:)?

Would this be an inappropriate place to use the words NIPPLE STIMULATION? Instant contractions........instant unproductive contractions!

Rachel said...

Ha! Let's just say that I've gone the nipple stim route, and two different approaches at that! (Elijah's been allowed to nurse more than the usual 1x/day and I'm sure you can figure the other out.) Can you say "pointless"?