Thursday, September 25, 2008

Waiting, still!

For those wondering, the baby hasn't come yet. I endured about 30 people at church last night who all said the same thing, "You're still here?!" Yep, this baby is fighting departure of my incredibly comfy womb. This is now officially my longest pregnancy as Ethan would've been born early this a.m.

We go see the midwife at noon today, but I'm not expecting any wild information like being dilated to a seven or anything. I continue to have contractions, though not terribly painful ones, randomly throughout the days. Funny thing is, they stop when I'm active and start up when I'm sitting or lying down. I'm becoming more resigned to this wait each day, not that it makes my days much easier. We've continued to do school and I'm kind of keeping up with other household chores, except cooking. We've started to consume our freezer stash of meals, which I was planning to use when the baby came. I figure we've got about 2 weeks worth of meals in there.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, so it would be neat to have the baby on her birthday. We have a thing going on my dad's side of the family where many people have been born on other relatives' bdays. Today two of my 2nd cousins are celebrating their first bdays as well as my BFF Julie is celebrating her 10th anniversary with her hubby! Congrats you guys! I hope you have the time and energy to do something special this weekend together.


joolee said...

We always have the time and energy baby!;) And don't forget, free Cold Stone ice cream today! And the Office premiere! The day just keeps getting better! If only we could do something about that stubborn babe.....I hear girls always keep people waiting...even in the womb....?

joolee said...

Tag! You're it! Just a lil something to distract you from your current condition:)