Friday, September 19, 2008

Thanks for the Distraction!

I've been checking all my fav blogs the last couple of days and no one seemed to be posting anything new! In my pregnancy discomfort, I've found great relief in reading about other people's lives and goings-on, so when everybody apparently took a blogging sabbatical and didn't tell me to be prepared, I resorted to playing mindless computer games like FreeCell and Spider Solitaire to numb the pain.

So, I was quite happy to turn the computer on this a.m., and see many of your blogs listing new posts! Yay! Thanks for the temporary distraction. It took my mind off my "problems" for a few minutes and I'm hoping that there will be additional new posts later today as well.

Lately, I've become this boring, tired slug who is constantly threatening my children but never following through, b/c it's just too hard to get up and deal with each and every situation that arises. I stare at all the leftovers in the fridge that we need to eat up and then call and ask my husband if he would bring home Subway. (Normally I thrive on "cleaning" out the fridge during twice weekly "leftover nights." I hate seeing food go to waste!) I see all three of our laundry baskets full of clean clothes (at least they're clean) and then proceed to pull out something that still fits and leave the rest in a wrinkled bunch, b/c it's quite uncomfortable sitting on the bed these days and leaning over the edge of the bed to fold laundry. My husband has taken over all kitchen duties the past couple of weeks, loading all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, cleaning off the table, and wiping down counters.

So what do I do these days? Well, I feed the kids when Paul's not here, help them with getting dressed and then take my own shower. Depending on our day's schedule, I may or may not go to the trouble to do my hair/makeup. I have the kids do their chores while I kind of make the bed (why bother when I need to change the sheets anyway?). Then it's time for school. We have been consistent with homeschooling, mostly because I know we need to stay focused now if I'm going to take some time off of schooling when baby comes. By that time, I come upstairs and rest for a little while on the couch before getting lunch ready. After eating and spending a half hour trying to get Elijah to finish his food (he'd rather be singing in his highchair than eating these days), it's nap time for Elijah and me. By the time we wake up, Paul's home or will be soon, so I either do what I can to prepare for supper, or just give up and try to wake my groggy self up by playing a stupid computer game. (I AM getting pretty good!)

That's it! So please keep those new posts coming so that my day doesn't drag so much! I need all the help I can get these days!


The Three 22nds said...

Blogger has been eating my posts! Hopefully it is back on track today! (if you look at the google comment boards, this wasn't just an issue with my blog/computer)

joolee said...

Between school, garage sales, cleaning house, and a trip to the beach, I hope to post a belated Thing about Thursday.......I feel for ya Rach. It'll all be over soon........enjoy the fact that you can still wear clothes without irritating your soon to be engorged mammary glands;)

Shannon T said...

Hey!! I was just wondering if you think you guys are going to be coming down for Noah's birthday party next weekend? I know you're not feeling the best but I hope you can try to make it!! I miss seeing you guys!!

<3 Shannon

Shannon said...

Ps: I'm still hoping for a girl!!