Monday, September 15, 2008

Could this be it?

Something is definitely happening! My body started to prepare itself last night, in one of those oh, so gross ways of which I won't go into detail. And now this afternoon, I'm starting to feel really weird. I'm having contractions about every ten minutes or so, but it's hard to concentrate on the length and intensity, while playing referee between my two boys who are playing race cars right now. My hubby is on his way home, but stopping at the chiropractor, so he won't be home for another 30 minutes or so. I'm hoping he can be a better judge of what's happening than I can. I hate to start calling people, only to have this be nothing!

I hope this is it! Sure would be nice to have a blinking neon sign flashing in front of me saying, "This is it!"

1 comment:

joolee said...

Ooooh, can you hold off till tomorrow night? I might be able to make it tomorrow night!!!